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Daniel Ángel Romero Senior editor

This review applies to version 5.0. The latest version of this software will soon be reviewed by our informers.

Modem Booster is a program that will improve your modem connection speed. By tweaking some hidden values in your system, it is able speed up your dial-up, DSL, ADSL or cable modem Internet connection.

When installing, the program will ask you some questions about your modem.
You can also set your proxy server configuration, if needed. Once launched, it will ask you for a URL that it will use to test the capabilities of your modem, and then it will calculate which values to change in order to improve the speed. Once done, it will show the results. You will see the speed values before and after the tweaks. If you prefer, you can manually change some values, such as MTU (Maximum Transmission Units), TTL (Time To Live), RWIN, maximum connections per server, and maximum duplicate acknowledge for server. You can also enable the Black Hole feature, which will attempt to find out if there are routers that do not forward a key piece of packet information. Then, the program will decrease the MTU to allow faster transmissions.


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    Bryan 5 years ago
    — Great burner!
    Pros: Very handy, the most reliable burning software you can get.
    Cons: None for now...

    Has all the features required for quality CD or DVD burning.Definitely is one of the best choices!

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    Guest 5 years ago

    Awesome, what can I say! Its the best.... 5 star rating

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    Diana 6 years ago

    I have used Password Pal since 1997!!!! I would be totally lost without it. It is now on its 5th computer. SOOO easy to use. I've downloaded other password programs but have never found one like Password Pal. Yes, it is very basic but it's all you need. The only thing is I would love to be able to print out a list of my passwords just in case PPal ever crashes or gives me trouble which it has NEVER done in 13 yrs.

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